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PLEASE, no bashing. I'm having a hard enough time without other moms joining in. Thanks

How do you share the news with you're significant other that you're pregnant with baby number two when you guys have talked about it and neither of you wanted another baby right now?? Baby number one just turned one in May. We have both talked about it and he (he more so than I) doesn't want another kid right now. He is the sole financial provider and works two jobs so I ... can stay home and raise our first. He's stressed as it is and I don't know how to tell him we're pregnant again. We don't believe in having abortions so that's off the table and we would definitely not give baby number two up for adoption.
So even though we didn't want another, I am excited and don't know how to tell him and him not freak out. (He can be a major drama king sometimes)
Should I do a cute "prego reveal" for him? Would that break the ice. Or should I sit him down and tell him. I just don't want to come across as sad, because I'm not. Baby number one was a surprise as well and we both were not ready for it. (He'd just finished college and I was in my last year) so when I told him about baby one it was lots of tears and "holy shit what do we do" well we are way past that point. We have our on house, our bills are paid, and we've never gone hungry. DressAfford cute girl's wear for graduation
I just don't know the best way to tell him, nor do I know how he will react...

Please any advice? Any other moms in my situation? What did you guys do??

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