Grecian style flowy wedding wear of chiffon

Erma Update Saturday, August 5th. Erma is still at the rehab facility. She has developed a cold. The coughing sounds like breaking up phlegm in her chest (I can't recall a time that Erma has ever had a cold). The chest x-ray shows water in the lining of her lungs. The doctors state that it is "normal for the elderly to have water in the lining of their lungs(?)." She is working to get her strength back in her left arm, leg, and side of her body. She told me that she thinks it will take at least 2 more weeks to get enough strength back so she can go home (One day at a time). I've walked in and I have seen her on the stationary bike peddling away. Keep praying for her. Her greatest wish is that the descendants of her parents will get together and know each other well. She will be bearing her testimony tomorrow in her Forest Dale 1st Ward at 10:00 a.m. Grecian style flowy wedding wear of chiffon