Mermaid Prom Dresses 2020

All the filmmakers Monday nite are preparing for their first feature films next/soon EXCEPT one. Corey Grant & his partner Chevez Frazier have out worked, out hustled, out created (that's bad English but you get it :-) ) virtually every indie filmmaker in Hollywood in recent yrs.

Their latest Illicit Movie is on display on BET - Black Entertainment Television . Check it out, & if you're in L.A. I suggest you show up Monday to witness their incredibly impressive efforts in per Mermaid Prom Dresses 2020 ... son. See ya soon!

Mon Sept 18th - Free *Dress to impress. Put on a jacket, tie or something mannnn. Ladies, I know how you do. # AintWorried

L.A. Film School 6363 Sunset Blvd
7pm-10pm: Reception/Films/Q & A

# AnEveningAtTheTheatre

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