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On the streets of St Thomas, USVI, shopping. The population of the tiny Caribbean island explodes each day, beyond capacity where vendors, merchants and shops everywhere hope to cash in on the quick turn around of US and international passengers.

Diamonds, Emeralds, Tanzanite and all manor of precious jewels are sold as a result of the marketing to the passengers, duty free, tax free!

I fell into the hype for a time and we purchased a few beautiful pieces of expensive jewelry. Except, last year I gave those pieces away to my sister’s in law and my nieces. I had no more need and no more desire for the jewels which sat for years in lock boxes, or jewelry boxes. Their luster and glitter trapped and no longer appealing to me. I would rather they be loved and worn, in remembrance of my love for my family members.

Just today, I was looking for a gift which had been given to me by a friend last spring. I don’t know where it is, I can’t find it. I know it will turn up, it couldn’t have gone too far, and it was too big to have been swallowed by the dog who tends to help things disappear… As I searched, however, I came across these necklaces, long put away, long forgotten and I smiled as I remembered the story behind them.

While in St Thomas, I heard a woman singing. We were in an outdoor shopping center with vendors, tents and tables everywhere, but I followed the voice and found myself standing in front of "the singing woman.” I had passed up many a vendor with tables full of just such trinkets, but this one in particular caught my eye. The dark blue stone. I picked it up. How much, I asked. The woman answered, $7 or two for $10. I spoke with her for a few minutes, just visiting with her. I don’t remember what was said, but we had a strange and beautiful conversation, that much I do remember. I had no desire to haggle with her over $7 and I didn’t need two, so I pulled out a $5 and asked my husband if he had any $1’s. She said, it’s ok lovely lady, I give this to you as a gift. God bless you.

THANK YOU, I beamed! Are you sure? Oh, yes, she said. It is my pleasure. I hugged her and walked away, wearing my trinket, which seemed to magically transform everything I was wearing, into something much more beautiful than it actually was.

I truly cherished this piece and wore it everywhere, with every outfit. It seemed to go with everything from jeans and white t-shirt, to a cocktail dress and high heels, and even my scrubs at work. Everywhere I wore it, people commented on it. Men and women alike would touch the stone and ask what it was? I don’t know, I would say. It’s beautiful! They would respond. The reaction was such a surprise to me, but I happily wore my little stone everywhere.

The next time we visited St Thomas, I desired to find "The Singing Woman” again, to tell her the story about her gift of the stone, and how much it is loved and cherished by me, as well as adored by seemingly everyone else I came in contact with. I located the same market square and listened for the voice, following until I stood before the beautiful dark skinned woman with very tall hair, wrapped in a traditional African wrap. Hello again, my beautiful friend, she smiled. You remember me, I asked? Of course I do, my lady, I gave you a gift and I remember your smile. I beamed, and gave her a hug. Let’s see what you have today, I said as I perused over the trinkets on her table. This time a similar necklace caught my eye. It was a beautiful, soft pink stone, wrapped the same way. I’ll take this one, I said. cocktail dresses for tall ladies

Back at home, I proudly wore my necklace, everywhere. One day, as I stood in line at a grocery store, similar to a Whole Foods, the young cashier commented on the beautiful necklace. In that moment, I knew the beloved little stone was not mine. It was meant for her. I didn’t say a word. I waited until she had finished the transaction, then before I picked up my bags, I reached behind my neck and unclasped the necklace. I walked around behind the counter and put it on her. This is for you, I said gently. Her hand instantly placed over the stone, are you serious, she said with astonishment. Yes, I want you to have it. She didn’t argue, but tears welled up in her eyes and she thanked me. I walked away and never saw her again.

You’re gonna see a theme here, we are travel junkies and it wasn't long before I was back in St Thomas, standing at the same table, with the same woman, telling her my story. I purchased every similar necklace she had, with intent to give away. I told my husband, I will wear a necklace until someone comments on it. As soon as they comment on it, I will give it away and wear a new one, until they are all gone.

Now, keep in mind these were $7 at their most expensive price, and when I bought in bulk, the price went down significantly. The joy, the love, the good will which was extended with the gift, priceless to me and to those who received. The looks on their faces when a total stranger literally took the necklace off their neck to give it to them… Purest, most beautiful gift I have ever received. It became a tradition, for me and Bob and we began buying these trinkets to wear and give away. These gifts were of little value, but of great worth to me and to those who received.

Let this be a consideration for your possible New Year’s resolution… Give a gift of love, to one who is unsuspecting. Play this little game of wearing something, specifically for the purpose of giving it away. As you wear it, not with possession, but for the purpose of finding who it really belongs to… It will change your heart and theirs.

Now, more than ever, these random acts of love and generosity are needed in our world. People need to see the goodness in the hearts of all people and be inspired to do good, for the sake of love.

Let it not just be with trinkets, or even nicer gifts if that's what you choose to do. Let it be done with every single, beautiful piece of you. Don't keep the best of you for yourself, give it away! There's more where that came from. All the very best gifts come with a portion of your heart.

Please share,

please give, please love… Please help us raise the frequency of this planet until all there is, is love and joy, peace and cooperation, unity and oneness.

Beloveds, May your 2018 be filled with all the very best gifts, which money cannot buy. May you receive and may you give in great abundance.

All My Love,