cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender

Warping the matrix at Godspeed

The thing was that surface currents were changing the structures in food

One thing overloaded with little hot ents from the generators


One thing the consciousness of this group and this farmed family of this food plant consciousness conscience

You can take too much said james knight.

From people

From food plants

From trees

Can the potato crop absolutely hate the market gardener using tractor technology and bouncing the potatoes loading them ontop each other too heave heavyweight too heavyweight too heavy

It used to be okay for us this monopolistic monopolize mono culture mechanisms mechanized everything so big so big so fast so cold where is the care Jesus fuck off FUCK FUCK FUCK you get 2weight off of us jesus it's like the cows and the trucks and the shitty arse in the cow's face in the run from the farm oh it doesn't matter cocktail wears in burgundy or lavender



Sting listened to the potato

Damn he's not happy is he


Yes they're the people who have been market gardener for centuries I don't think that they're listening to the potatoes

Do they use robots

To drive the big machines?

These chips cool the potatoes down

A lot of the little hot ents go into the oils and

Potatoes like oil lots of it

And salt lots of it

Hmmm. No gas with potato chips.

The pot of potatoes said that they have defined tastes. They're connoisseurs


Yes. Quite shitty if they don't go down the big dark tube without the balance

Are they mating in there

Yes apparently they don't want to go down without the balance

Oh RIGHT said sting

Marlis remembered last night when the potatoes tried to teach her something

About confidence

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