colorful wedding dresses

"Japanese religious beliefs and customs are very unique. For example, Shinto customs are followed when babies are born, couples get married in Catholic churches AND in Shinto shrines, and most everybody gets cremated then buried on Buddhist temple grounds. It's all a big mashup when it comes to rituals and ceremonies, which is why these new and stunning kimono/wedding dresses are the prefect gowns for Japanese brides-to-be.

Often times in Japan, wedding ceremonies encompass different rituals from both the West and Japan. I remember going to my cousin's wedding many years ago in Tokyo, where the actual ceremony took place at a Shinto shrine, then we moved to a hotel ballroom, and finally, we all went to a chapel located conveniently on a higher floor in the same hotel! The bride and groom, who are no longer together, by the way, changed outfits numerous times, as though they wanted to experience the joys of getting married both traditionally and modernly. And my cousin's wedding was not unique in any way. That's just the way it was done in Japan, and it's done the same way even today.

However, many younger-generation couples are losing interest in sitting through long and drawn-out traditional Shinto ceremonies, and a Japanese bridal company came up with just the right idea to deal with that. In traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies, the bride wears a furisode, a beautiful long-sleeved kimono. Oriental Wasou, which specializes in dressing brides in these kimonos, has created the concept for a very special wedding dress — a sleeveless version of the furisode, combined with the white wedding gown that all girls dream of wearing on their special day. The colorful and intricate designs on the kimono over the traditional white gown are a perfect match. Not only do they look absolutely stunning, but by combining the two costumes from Japan and the West, ceremony time can be significantly cut, which means less time sitting through long ceremonies and more time to partying with your new loving husband, friends and family, while dressed in the most beautiful wedding dress." colorful wedding dresses

Brides In Japan Are Turning Their Traditional Kimonos Into Extraordinary Wedding Dresses By​ James Gould-Bourn It's not uncommon for modern…