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At rehearsal earlier this evening, I was joking around with the music...because I can, and I had one hilarious memory. Back in the day at good ole MSU, the band director named me "Songbird of the South". I don't know if the rest of the stage band noticed, but, I caught it every time.

Now those that know me, know that I'm a LOT. I am bouncy, energetic, plain spoken and brutally honest. Tonight, I was asked what I was wearing for my performance and for some reason GULLY SNELL came to mind.

Gully was a drummer in the stage band. He was from Florida and for a whole season, I could've sworn he rode all the way from Florida to MSU on that damn skateboard! Now, the reason I thought of Gully at that moment was because he ALWAYS commented on my multitude of dresses. I'm vain. I had a different dress for EVERY performance. Many were backless.

There was this turquoise number with some kind of cabs around the whole neck and plunging back..which left room for only 1 article of clothing, because had I gone without that and my Mom had heard, ...

Anyway, We always ended the show with "God Bless the Child". I didn't need a microphone...if that tells you anything. BUT, after we'd packed everything on the bus; Everette finished his smoke and loaded his lip, Gully was the last behind me to enter the bus. I always checked to make sure I saw everyone get on. Sorry, been a Mama Bear my whole life.

So, Gully pokes me in my back with his drumsticks to tell me I wasn't wearing a bra. So, I turned around and asked him if he thought I needed one? Well, I guess he was pretty embarrassed because he actually turned green under his tan.

Mind you, we're a travelling recruiting/fundraising group and Gully was right behind me. I don't know if the others in the group experienced it, but from time to time on some of the little gigs in those small towns, kindly old gentlemen slipped me checks written out to the school. Well, I had to hide it someplace so I tucked them in the only article I was wearing under the turquoise dress. Gully was behind me when I stopped by Doc and twisted the skirt to slip the checks out. He almost FAINTED. Doc laughed and told Everrette, "Puts me in the mind of a young Pam Grier..grrr!" I just winked. country chic wedding dresses

Now today, most would look at what Doc Sills said as sexual harassment. It was NOTHING of the sort. He actually, as he said, "RESPECTED THE HELL OUT OF MY GIFT". Besides, it was NO secret that if you got out of line with me you weren't going to walk away...not with everything intact or in it's original packaging.

Well. 30+ years later, I'm still rocking the backless dresses and NO, I will not use and stick on crap. Had enough of that with the pasties in Corpus... Bryan Glick I still have my pasties!!!

I hope wherever Gully is right now in this world that he is safe, loved and he forgives me for entertaining myself at his expense that day.

I had such blast! To my MSU band mates, I will love you guys until the world explodes.


ps...Madrigal people, don't knot your drawz, one of your dirty trips will come to mind, Mr. Jerry's KIDZ!