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To consumers: 3 years ago got an email from Wells Fargo telling me someone was trying to access my account and that I was to go to my account and check out the access. Funny because I never opened an account with Wells Fargo. After a very long communication with them I was told that someone opened up an account in my name and that it was a mistake. I received quite a few communications afterwards to suggest this was a computer problem. Yea! Right on Wells Fargo. Now we know that it was an internal fraudulent practice.

15 years ago I also received a notice from Prudential Financial telling me that I needed to up date my account information and sign a new annuity agreement. Well I did so but a year later learned that the original agreement was fraudulent and that there was a class action law suit brought by one person and would I join. I did and a year later it was found that the company lied in the first contract and then tried to correct it with the second letter. A judge ruled against Prudential and everyone received stock options in Prudential. diamond wedding collections with beading

Point I am trying to make is that as consumers these big guys love to take advantage of the little guy. We need a strong Consumer Agency that sticks up for us and not the big corporations.