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Vindicated, some what. The doctors, not only in the USA and in Canada are yet assaulting babies by somewhat "delayed" clamping, imposed by a local policy, which is still hasty clamping, imposed before ten or fifteen minutes. By clamping prematurely, the local doctors act an a hospital's agent, by asking them to share the placental volume of blood, as: some allowed infused for the owner and citizen child, and some placental and blood in the cord to be yet stolen for scienc ... e research. The doctors, and aided by most nurses and some midwives, all agents of the BC province will not yet sign a "Birth Contract" for the parents to leave the cord alone. They must not, by human rights owed to the baby, humanly compress the inflow of blood into the baby's lungs, and in the brain, ever. They must wait the full time period, often more than fifteen minutes for the placenta to be birthed, and all of the cord, the quality of life line before sanitizing the cord, and clamping it, and aftervit stopped tested, pulsation. And, then the cosmetic cutting the cord, will be exposing the child to germs, through a cut cord. The care aids, and birth educators must tell the parents cord clamping is unnecessary unless it torn, which seldom, if ever, happens. Waiting a mere two minutes does not cut it over the duty to wait for the third stage to be completed. The local adminstration policy makers must be held criminally accountable for allowing any premature cord compression policy and then allowing selling the trapped placental blood and that in the cord for blood profits. FACTS: The city police (RCMP) were asked years ago to investigate baby assault, and some deaths, since 1998 to the prresent time. The social workers and some police are lying, too, that the local BABY policies are GOOD, when they are known false, and proven so, are many medical policies which were placed above the law for criminal fining, and individual criminal prosecution. The SOGC members and ACOG, as a orivate group, set the false policies. No one forces any family doctor to ever do the premature cord clamping, or a midwife, or a firemen or a medic. While the policies are not meant to be malicious, they are wanton disregard of after birth truth and a required duty, do no risk of baby endangering, which premature cord clamping does, since before and after 1801: weaker babies early cord tied or clamped, imposed, by no consent. This is a criminal violation, too, before the third stage of labor. For the local community, this is a shame to medical instructors who said early clamping is good for babies, when it is known only good for blood selling profits, especially the "being extracted stem cells," much are preferred allowed the babies. dress below the knee tea length

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Delay in clamping umbilical cord benefits babies, U.S. doctors say Don't cut that umbilical cord too soon: A brief pause after birth could benefit most newborns by delivering them a surge of oxygen-rich blood.cbc.ca