drop waist items to wear of the wedding

# NationalComingOutDay I was 13 turning 14 when I met a guy on AOL who happened to be my same age, was also having trouble in school. Except he lived in NYC. I would talk to him every night; saving up lunch money for school to buy long distance phone cards at the gas station. (Which I would tell my family I needed to stop at daily to get a frappe, so I not only had to save up money for the calling card but a cover-up drink.) It didn't take long for my family to overhear our co ... nversations & realize I wasn't sleeping at night, but rather on the phone. It also didn't take long for my family to wire-tap my phone conversations. Not only that, but this was around 2002 so I shared a computer with my family.. so they began to see trails of who I was talking to: the thing with my long distance boyfriend was, he actually wasn't a Catfish. We were on opposite sides of the country but felt like we were in the same room because of all of the similar struggles we shared. When my family didn't want me talking to him: I buckled. I cried. I felt sick. In a way I felt like not talking to him was me losing my own identity at the time because he was the closest thing I had to truth. It made me feel brave to stand up and say this is who I am. My family, of course, thought "the internet turned me gay" or maybe I was getting too rebellious because I was listening to Avril Lavigne. But the truth was and is: This was who I was. It wasn't about the boy I met half way across the country on the scary magic box. It wasn't about my role models. It was a coming together of my coming out. There were many long nights of screaming. There were many times I was told I would go to hell. And this isn't even the half of what happened to me at school, where I eventually stopped going after being attacked by 2 guys in the locker room. One of which airlifted me by my neck for what had to be the longest, scariest moment of my life.. while all of my gym classmates silently watched. I remember slipping out of consciousness thinking , "Please let don't let this assholes face be the last one I see." - Scary as it was: I didn't change who I was for them. And my internet pal? We met! And are still good friends drop waist items to wear of the wedding

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