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Case History~ Adult Male -High Fever, aches, pain, weakness, confusion, memory problems. 5 Days later Bulls eye Rash on inner thigh and 2 smaller ones developed on chest and side. Given 3 weeks of Doxycycline. 2 weeks after finishing drug Lyme tests done showing ongoing Lyme. 3 more weeks of Doxycycline given. Still run down, headache, low energy, slow memory and thinking. 12 days left of the 2nd 3 weeks course of Doxycycline. What are the odds Doxycycline will cure the Lyme Disease? What should be done? Does this call for IV therapy? What would be wise next steps? Any and all comments appreciated, Note- Lyme Panel was done..only Lyme showed on numerous bands. Was told Stage 2 Lyme due to more then one rash at bite site and new bulls eye rashes on torso and systemic symptoms. empire high waist wedding outfits