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# CrookedSmiles
Chapter 1: Olivia Lopez
(Part 2)

I zipped up my jacket as the night time winds started to pick up. My stomach was rumbling, and the nearest place to eat is a McDonald's up the street. I had a car, but my parents' kept that and took my keys when they kicked me out. Now my mode of transportation is walking. As I walked to McDonald's, I thought about my life.

It's been a week since my baby daddy slammed the door in my face, and I still haven't found a place to stay. I've been sleeping on park benches, which has been extremely uncomfortable with this six-month baby bump I'm carrying around.

I do have a job, but I make minimum wage which is $7.25.
I know y'all are probably thinking, "Why don't you get a hotel for the time being since you have a job?". With the little money I make, I separate it into three categories; my baby, an apartment, and spending money. I know my plan may sound stupid, but it's what I have to do for right now.

I finally arrived to McDonald's and walked in. Before going to the counter and placing my order, I went to the restroom to do a quick wipe-off. I pulled a pair of black sweatpants and a white,long sleeve shirt out of my backpack to put on. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and brushed my long, curly hair into a ponytail. I placed my dirty clothes in backpack and left the restroom.

I walked up to the counter and ordered two double cheeseburgers, a small fry, and a large cup of water.

I pulled my wallet out to pay, but a very handsome guy stopped me. "Hold on, add this to her order and I'm paying." He proceeded to tell the cashier his order and pulled out his wallet to pay. When the lady handed us our cups, we walked to the drink fountain together.

"Thank you, you have no clue how much that means to me." I looked at him and smiled. Yes, I still smile. My life may not be the best right now, but I still have a whole list of reasons to smile.

"It's no problem, what's your name?" When I looked at him to answer, he was looking at me and I realized that he has the prettiest brown eyes I've ever seen; they're the milk chocolate color of a Hershey's bar.


"Nice to meet you, Olivia. I'm Isaiah."

"Nice to meet you as well."

"Order 451!" The woman who took our order was standing at the counter with our tray of food. Isaiah went to grab it and I took a seat at a nearby booth. Isaiah came over to where I was sitting, placed the tray on the table, and sat down. I grabbed one of my burgers off the tray and said grace before taking a big bite.

Isaiah chuckled and when I looked up at him, he was looking at me. I finished chewing my food before speaking, "I'm sorry, I'm just reaaally hungry."

He chuckled again before talking, "Don't apologize. I love a girl who ain't afraid to eat." We shared a laugh and continued to eat and make small talk.

I happened to get a good look at Isaiah and noticed how attractive he really is. He has the prettiest, smooth looking, milk chocolate skin, a dimple on both sides that you can see without him even smiling, a head full of waves that put the ocean to shame, and a full beard.

"So, what's your story?" he asked, snapping me of out of my thoughts.

"What do you mean?" No one has ever asked me that, so I didn't exactly know how to respond.

"Your story. Pretty much a summary of what you got to this point of your life. I wanna know everything about you." He folded his arms and leaned forward on the table.

"Well, I'm 17 but my 18th birthday is next month on the 5th. I graduated from high school this year and planned on going to college for business until my parents kicked me out and disowned me when they found out about my pregnancy. My baby daddy slammed the door in my face when I turned to him for help. So now, I'm just working as much as I can to save as much money as I can before my baby girl gets here." I looked down and rubbed my belly. Just thinking about my daughter brings joy to my heart.

"Wow... and through it all you still manage to keep a beautiful smile on your face. I'm just gonna tell you now, it's something about you that draws me to you. I don't know if it's your positive vibe or the fact that you're so beautiful, but whatever it is, I just know I gotta have you. Where are you staying now?"

I put head down in embarrassment, "I-I sleep on whatever empty bench I can find."

Isaiah reached over and gently placed his hand on my chin and lifted it up, "You don't have to be embarrassed. Sleeping on a bench isn't something to be proud of, but own that. Sleeping on a bench is what's gonna help make you into a strong, independent woman. That's gonna be a part of you and your story. I'm going to pay for you a hotel to live in for the time being. Whenever you have to go to work or a doctor's appointment, call me and I'll take you. I just wanna be there for you and help you any way I can, because I see so much potential in you." evening party garment by custom made

He grabbed my hands and kissed the back of them, "I'm going to help make you independent so you don't ever have to depend on another soul again, not even me. First thing Monday morning we're gonna go down to the school and get you enrolled, and don't worry about paying for it, I got you covered. I'm gonna be there for you and your daughter, if you let me."

I didn't even know what to say. I was speechless. This man doesn't know me from a can of paint, yet he's doing all these nice things for me. My own blood turned their back on me, but I have a stranger sitting in my face helping me make a life for my daughter and I.

Tears of joy escaped my eyes as I looked at him. "Thank you, Isaiah. Thank you! God has finally answered my prayers. I asked him to make a way for my daughter and I, and he sent me you. I'm so happy right now, I don't know what to do." I smiled.

He smiled back at me and came to my side of the table, stood me up, and gave me a hug. He cleaned the table off and we left.

All the prayers I've sent up have finally been answered. Thank you, God.