garments with black lace for wedding ceremony

Time to cut the cord.

If Christ has told the bride to stop hearing Mass at her church or any other church the n you know that something is brewing right? And you know how carefully you must tread and how you must live your life right?

But it is different with the birth family of the bride. They believe that the bride is just fat. She is not pregnant with the son of Christ.

Christ gave them a chance. He allowed the bride to go to her mum's house but they still can't believe.

Christ had already warned that if anyone should humiliate the bride or the son of Christ she is carrying he will punish them. But do you think the birth family of the bride care? No. For them they are God because they are the ones with all the wealth.

So Christ is going to humiliate them one last time after which they will never again want anything to do with the bride again.

Just before the wedding of the daughter of the man who mocked God
the bride went to her mum's house to take a saree bought for her by another sis in law. The bride did not like the bright color but wanted the milder one. Her mum agreed and said she will tell her aunt for whom it bought for that the bride took it.That is a mother's love

But the wife of the man who mocked God did not like it. She screamed from where she was sitting saying it was bought for her aunt. The aunt never even wore the saree for the wedding.

She did not want the bride to use that colour because it was the theme colour for her daughter's wedding. This is how evil she is. In front of everyone she acts like an angel.

How can she know a mother's love.? Her maternal mother gave her away as soon as she was born.

Only a mother who has given birth to her own child will know how to love like the bride's mother.

Then came the wedding day. The bride asked Christ if she could offer help. Christ told her that if they wanted her help they know how to call her. But of course no one called her.

At the wedding reception of the daughter of the man who mocked God said that his late father would have been proud of this occasion. Really he cares for his late father?

He himself bolted off like lightning as soon as he got a job far away from home leaving behind his mother and his younger siblings to suffer the torture of his abusive father.

Not only he is a irresponsible son but also a coward who did not want to protect his mother and younger siblings.

Now he comes back as a millionaire and he demands the respect as the oldest brother.

Now do you blame the bride for praying to God to take away her father?

Then he thanked his elder uncle who mocks God every chance he gets that if it were not for him the birth family of the bride would not be where they are today.

That was well said. But did he forget that it was God who gave the uncle all the wealth. Now God has made him a pauper because he mocked God and thinks that he is God.

But the man never even said a word of thanks to God who gave him all the wealth and a family. Not even a word. How do you think Christ who is in the womb of the bride would have felt?

Next came the highlight of the night. A belly dance .

The second daughter of the man did the belly dance shaking her big boobs and her butt in front of all the relatives and friends.

You should have seen the faces of the relatives? They all looked down . They did not want to look at the dancer.

Which father or mother will allow their daughter to dress like a prostitute and dance like that?

Truly a peculiar family. Christ writes everyday on FB how a women should dress and how she should behave to prepare for the next kingdom and here the birth family of the bride allow their daughter to wear the minimum of clothes and parade in front of all their relatives. Now they are millionaires and they have no tradition or customs. Shameless family .

What made Christ even angrier was where the bride was placed to sit. All the close relatives were given seats in the front of the hall. But the bride and her husband were made to sit at the back next to the exit. This is the family the bride of Christ wants to run back to. Christ actually forbade her to go for the wedding but she did not want to hurt her mother. garments with black lace for wedding ceremony

Then when the best man was giving his speech the bride took out her phone to check her FB because he spoke with his ori Irish accent and she could not make out what he was saying .

Then the younger siblings runs to her from the bar saying "If you want a translator we even have that. We have everything".

What was he insinuating? That they have all the money and they can get everything they want. They don't need her.

Ok fine then.They can also buy their salvation.

This is the same person who 2 months ago WhatsApp the bride a video of a woman of 101 who gave birth and how slow her movement was.He was trying g to mock the bride that at the age of 54 she claimed she was pregnant and this is how she will be.

Well, you mock the bride , you will get mocked. So Christ wrote back. "Fantastic isn't it. You could not even impregnate your own wife".

After a few years of not being able to conceive they had a son through artificial insemination. The church does not allow this but who cares. Just sweep everything under the carpet. They have all the money.

Remember this. As long as Christ is in the womb of the bride he controls everything she says or writes. Whatever you do to her you do it to Christ.

Why do you think Christ is so harsh with his writing regarding the birth family of the bride?

Because through her suffering they too will receive their salvation. But they don't realize that. They only mock and humiliate her.

From now on Christ will not allow the bride to talk to her birth family or go her mum's house.

She will stay at home and look after her husband and children until the arrival of the son of Christ.

Then all things will change.