gold color wears for flower girl

A slay mama is a girl with brains not d one with heavy make up on. She is not d one who seek for attention on social media. She is d one who uses tenses correctly n Approximately. Not d one dat has to shorten every word because she doesn't no how to spell . she is d girl with a skill. She is not d most expensively dressed but she is d most decently dressed. A SLAY mama or queen respect d sanity of womanhood. Having so many likes on your pictures doesn't make u SLAY mama or queen, looking like a flower girl, or A dog or a polio victims doesn't make u a SLAY mama or queen either. Most of these so called snapchat or instagram girls are empty inside. They keep on regretting a lot About their past but pretend to be happy outside their home. Stop boasting About d number of likes or reaction u get on ur pictures. Stop boasting About the number of follower u have on IG, twitter, Facebook, snapshot. Remember dat cheap articles have more buyers. Be yourself. Be bold n humble. Be ambitious but contented. Don't make men your priority in life but build yourself into d woman dat people will respect n admire. Abeg make una no vex say I dey talk true. gold color wears for flower girl