guest wears for wedding party in tea length

For A Democrat to win Missouri's 2nd for Congress, they have to be more nuanced on abortion, and I am.

They have to say that abortion in the third trimester or last month of pregnancy is not ok except to save the life of the mother, or her significant health, and I will say so in tv ads if I have the money. guest wears for wedding party in tea length

Abortion after viability should only be for a compelling reason.

Abortion after quickening or detectable fetal heartbeat or brain activity should bother us, and it does me.

Once she's pregnant a woman should have a couple months to decide, then the state should have a legitimate interest in the life of the fetus.

Any anti-choicer who doesnt support safe, effective, affordable, available birth control, needs to be called for what they are, an anti-sex hypocrite.

And I will say these things in my ads.

I think that will be a winning strategy to win the center.