guest wears for winter wedding

Well there you have it, self proclaimed Christians -- so busy accepting, turning the other cheek, forgiving and making allowances you can't/won't push back against anything -- Oregon has now passed a law permitting full term baby murdering by choice, sex selection and regardless of immigration status. guest wears for winter wedding

......and more of you will be offended by my phrase [baby murdering] than by the message or the situation.

Perhaps the meek and apathetic will inherit the earth...after Armageddon turns it into a toxic waste dump.

'Choices' (abstinence, contraception) can be made before conception - oh wait - that might make a person individually responsible for his/her actions.....

Those of you pro choice have NO argument for 'gun control saving even one life', and little argument for 'saving the earth' when you accept the killing of those who would inherit it

Your 'caring' is proven empty and more hypocritical than campaign promises.