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I love how people basically tell me I'm a horrible person for smoking cigarettes while pregnant. Well, I have cut back a shit ton. As well as doctors have already told me she sounds healthy, she looks healthy, and I'm at a healthy weight.
I also wanna add that being pregnant means a lot of things can be "bad" for the baby. If I listened to all of it, I'd hardly eat anything or drink anything. I mean, hotdogs, lunch meat, caffeine, etc are all "bad". So, if you wanna get on my case for the one thing I do, check all your facts. And be prepared for me to basically tell you to back off because it isn't your body nor your child. What I do is nobody's concern. Andrew and I are the only two who have any say in this child's life. I'm the only one who has say in what I do with MY body. hot prom dresses