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In your first trimester as a previous essential oil user you may have some hesitation about continuing to use oils and worry about how safe they are. Be reassured many women continue to use oils during their pregnancy and reap all the benefits. We recommend that you just stay away from the oils that can induce labour as listed in our post below on May 3 junior teenage style outfits for party

Also if you have any new reaction to an oil that you previously used I would recommend you try a secondary oil or dilute wit ... h fractionation coconut oil.

Essential oils can help with breast tenderness - grapefruit, lavender, and ylang ylang
Constipation- digestzen, peppermint or fennel, orange cypress or marjoram may be helpful

There are also Doterra oils for fatigue, depression, headaches and dizziness, heartburn, muscle cramps, nausea, UTI and of course to boost your immune system

So keep calm, stay pregnant and oil on!

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