lace coverd with long sleeve wear of the wedding

Have you realised he might have undergone Major Surgery and needed more than 5months to recuperate to function well. # Buhari .
I had a Major Surgical Operation in April and I am still very Weak, I still feel dizzy most times. I get tired easily, sometimes I feel weak I just lay on bed all day, till now I sometimes required assistance to get to bathroom. I also do feel very strong sometimes.
What is the noise about asking him to show face, I don't get it. He is sick, he told us and handed over the Administration to the Vice president and the Man is doing a great job. What else don't we understand in joint ticket when we voted in 2015.
What do we really want in this Country. What do You want. You want the rot of years to be clear in two years? They signed 4years contract and if at the end of the four years you are not satisfied then use your PVC, let us stop the petty talk, the polluted noise and unnecessary complain. We Complain too much in this country, we are never appreciative of good work and that is why we are where we are.
Please give this government the time needed to actually give us the Change we are clamouring for.
Why do we complain over everything, we are never satisfied over good gesture. We are so used to criminals representing us that when we eventually got good men of integrity leading us now we got so anxious that all we want is Magical change.
Personally I have been involved in political appointment to represent people and I know what task is involved. It is much easier to criticize because we are not the one on that seat. Only those who have been there will understand.
It will be nice if we can go back and watched the screening of the ministers by the Senate and listen to Audu Ogbe. He said it all because he was there and still there.
It is very unfortunate that we play Politics with everything in this country. Very unfortunate.
The Diaspora Nigerian Politicians that are champions on facebook, well-done Sir,
well-done Ma. It would have been more nice if you guys have stayed back here in the country to struggle it out just like some people are doing. Your grammar and policies would have been put to use here in your country if you have stayed back and grammar it out.
We should stop our divisive tactics of ruining this country, to think that some of the so called critics of this Administration are worst than some of our current useless representatives. Some of the diaspora politicians during PDP era fed fat on our money. They live on our money. They will tell you they are Political technocrats. They are political analyst and more of critics Now because there is no more Free Money to share outside the country. lace coverd with long sleeve wear of the wedding
We beg you hate filled Critics to please don't destroy this country because millions of Nigerians have no where else to call home unlike some of you with dual citizens.
If you cannot unite us please don't divide us.
If you cannot promote us please don't destroy us.
Buhari do not owe you any apology for been sick. What he owe the country is to see that the country is not grounded in his absence which he has done by handing over to the Vice president Yemi Osibajo and he is doing a great job.
Being a public servants does not mean we can't have a private life outside the office.
You mandated them to work when you voted them in 2015 and they are doing it, if you are not satisfied please feel free to use your PVC in 2019.
Stop this hatred. Respect Buhari and his family privacy.
Ema dalu ru, everywhere ni tension wa ooo.