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I just woke up from a dream so insane that I feel like I should share it. Anytime I know I'm in a dream while I'm dreaming, the dream throws in a real personal curveball to make me believe it's real, somehow. This is what happened.

So, I was wheeling my manual wheelchair down a street in what I imagine was Isreal or Syria or somewhere. I came upon this fruit street vendor who was selling rotten fruits, and I confronted the English-speaking seller about it. Some kind of argument ensued, and the seller must have felt I was winning said argument because he got really mad and called over a group of men dressed as Arabic knights to kill me. This was when I picked up on the fact I was dreaming. They sent me over to behind a house and pushed me out of my wheelchair, and I somehow landed on my knees. The fruit vendor with serious authority ordered my head to be decapitated. I looked over to him to my left without turning my head much, then my head fell into the sandy ground. I was still conscious for a few seconds before everything went black.

But I didn't wake up.

The next scene started with me at my mom's house. My head was attached to my body, and I was lying on the floor between a recliner and a couch we have for guests, both of which face the tv and fireplace. Remembering what had just happened to me, I knew I must have died and was a ghost or something. I stood up (very rare even in my dreams), and because I'm short, I was only about as tall as the couch cushion (give a few inches). My wheelchair was nowhere in sight. I looked around, and my mom Erika Pantera, my step-dad Brent, and Andrea Lesner's husband Dan were there all watching tv. My mom looked down to me, not surprised that I was a ghost or standing or anything, and sarcastically asked me if the floor was comfy, implying I'd been there long enough to nap, if not longer. I started questioning if these two dreams were even connected, at this point, but I didn't care. With my new ability to walk, I was running all around the house, jumping off the couches and the breakfast counter, and enjoying "life." long black evening dresses

My mom eventually asked me to relax and sit down with them to watch tv, so I reluctantly agreed. I don't know what was on, but it was very colorful. Almost right after that, Dan gets up and goes to the kitchen, and I devise a test: I walk over to behind the kitchen counter, near my mom's desk, and ask Dan to hand me a banana. My plan is to see if A) I can grab it, B) I can peel it, and C) if I can eat it. I don't think I'll be able to because part of me still thinks I'm a ghost.

I peel back the banana and it is completely rotted inside. I look up to the counter I'm facing, and that is rotting incredibly quickly. Then at Dan, he's rotting; everything and everyone around me is rotting. I don't bother to check myself. Within seconds from peeling the banana back, everything is rotted to brown then black. Before I know it, everything is pitch black. The blackness eventually lost focus and felt as if it expanded, becoming infinite. I couldn't tell I was myself anymore and couldn't move around, but I knew I was in this blackness because I was still aware I was dreaming. I was paralyzed in this void for I'd say a few seconds before I finally woke up.

This dream didn't scare me probably because I've had another dream where I was murdered and didn't wake up right away, but this one was way more interesting.