long wedding dresses

I had just finished my CDs lecture for the day and so decided to stroll home.. It's a long distance to trek shaa but I like the 'goodies' that come with it. After all, I don't even trek long before cars will start slowing down to give yours truly a ride. long wedding dresses ??

So, I'm strolling patiently waiting for the suitable car that will stop by. Mind you, if the car isn't classy, Ginnie no go enter.(Yes, come and beat me ? )

This guy with a Mercedes C-class just cruised to my side, wound down and softly said, "Beibe, lemme dlop(drop) u..."

Hmm, 'dlop'... ? well nobody is above mistake. I hopped in.

Cece Winas' music was playing in the car. This guy's conduct, dress sense, smiles, everything is just spot-on.
*fans self*
Future husband on fleek ?

So I'm taking my time, singing along with Cece Winas and allowing him notice my melodious voice which is mild but serene enough to create that sort of impression.
By the way, I got the much needed attention. He can't seem to get enough of it. I've already planned on singing throughout this divine connection ..So Epp me God ?

He just said something that could be a discouragement although I don't really care.
He said "Beibe, Did you knew how to opens facibuk?" ? ?

*deep breath*
I'm not giving up biko. Afterall, it's not Good English I want.
*Singing continues.... ? *

I must run this race... Una must attend my Wedding this year! ?
? Asoebi girls, are u ready??

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# Ginikanwa