low back or backless dress for a bridesmaid

Recently, me and my friends celebrated an occassion in Home for the Aged.
One of the lola there told me na "biniro ko lang ang anak ko na dalahin na lang ako dito kasi baka nahihirapan na sila sa akin, kinabukasan din ay dinala nga nila ako. "
This story broke my heart, almost shed a tear because I am also a mother and her story really made me more convicted to prepare for my retirement.
I do know my kids love me and that they will take good care of me when am old and gra ... y but I'd like to spare them of additional burden by starting to help myself now.
I don't want to give my kids any financial problem for my my medical and other needs as I enter my retirement days because they too have a life to enjoy with their own family and kids. low back or backless dress for a bridesmaid

Our children is not our retirement plan.

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