mermaid bridal dresses with long sleeves

Update - Meeting held this week at Dj and I's house. present was Brenda Stivers , Barbara Alverson Patton , Joan Murphy , Harry Mills , Lynette, and Frank Fiala . dicussed gathering and completing your info. Picture ID, birth certificate or Pass Port, Boarding Pass, baggage tickets, required public health screening form, set your reserved boarding time for 1:00 to 1:30 and you dinner seating time for early...Verify.
Discussed gathering for going from here to port..gathering at our house, load back of truck with baggage and group in less cars. $15 day for parking. Some of y'all have ways and means on your own. let us know.
Decide on your beverage pakage "booze" - "soda" or charge and pay as you go. Info on Carnival page. Cell phone at sea and at ports??? check with your provider. Wifi - 3 diff packages available on board...see Carnival page and set up
Carryon (not suit cases) is all "you" want to carry... may include 12 pack sealed cans of choice (not beer)
Formal/Captains dinner Dress as nice as you want. Tux/evening gown. But NO jeans, shorts, cutoffs, t-shirts etc. Nice slacks, shirt, dress, outfit etc. I may bring sport coat maybe tie. by the way jacket/sweater packed? Rainy, windy sometimes cool late at nite and in A/C venues. mermaid bridal dresses with long sleeves
Beach Half Moon Cay - on your own..Carnival excursions, beach or stay on deck...up to you.
Nassau tour - Cheryl's Tours - so far all are saying yes, 4 plus hour tour. Arrive in port 8am tour at 9 to 1:00-1:30. places we go to were somewhat listed in previous post. Time still left for walk downtown, straw market and Senor Frogs. Board by 4:30 depart at 5.
Again...look on Carnival Nassau Excursions to compare or book on your own tour or any other excursions but let ma know if you haven't already about Cheryl's Tour
Can all inform me of room numbers and names of all going to have a master list

PS - info coming on Reunion page about possible Saturday morning breakfast for all of reunion.