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I just want to take a few minutes to rant here. Any woman who has ever been pregnant out there will know what I'm talking about. The whole pregnancy is filled with questions and advice from other people, and while some of this is appreciated, some of it is not. I can get past the old wives tales people keep telling me, and I can get past people telling me how things, "used to be" with raising children, but there are two very big things to me that I just cannot get over.
Number 1: Devon and I are the parents, we have had lengthy discussions with each other on what our daughter's name will be. When we tell you her name, you don't have to particularly like it, however I ask that you show basic human respect towards our decision. I have never once shown public disdain over someone else's name choice for their own child. We happen to love the name we have given to her and will not be changing it.
Number 2: I plan on having a 100% natural birth. No pain medication. Limited monitoring of both mom and baby. I have chosen this for a reason. I have done my own research about benefits and risks of different pain medications available to women in labor, and have made the decision to not have medication. Telling me, "Oh honey you're going to really want that medication," or "It's okay, this is your first child, you don't know any better," will not make me change my mind. And to be honest I find it rather rude. I'm not going to look at another mother that has decided to have an epidural and tell her, "Oh no honey, you need to have her natural." I'm going to respect the decision that she has made for herself and her child. old fashion wedding dresses
As a new mom, I really do love the advice and support I am getting, but sometimes people really need to think before they speak. If it is something that they would get upset over if someone said it to them, then they need to not say it to someone else.