one shoulder asymmetrical wear for wedding

Happy Thursday everyone and this is dedicated to Mr KindaSpecial (any one out there who works in the legal field want to check out if we can give a full ID for this chap?), a man who is not on my friends list and not going to be on my Christmas card list any time soon either. Some of you may remember I asked for help to track down a man who recently followed me into my workplace and assaulted me. Well the bad news is that the CPS are not going to prosecute anyone in connection with the incident due to lack of evidence. This is not a surprise as the man who assaulted me had purposefully followed me, before attacking me in a secluded place, away from CCTV cameras and potential eyewitnesses. For the sake of clarity and parity I must make it clear that Mr KS has, in his police statement, most strenuously denied assaulting me. So what do we know for certain? Well, Mr KS, was located via his car registration, which coincidentally has the same registration provided to the police for that of the car my assailant jumped into and drove away at speed after the attack, has told the police that although he was in the vicinity of the incident, it absolutely, totally, completely for sure was not he who attacked me. Mr KS has admitted that he illegally drove the vehicle into a pedestrian zone, then parked the vehicle illegally, under the 'no parking' sign before leaving the vehicle. I am almost tempted to congratulate the gentleman on his candor, if not his respect for the law, except for the fact I had provided the police with nice, clear photographic evidence of the aforementioned. He explains that, from some distance away, he saw me taking a photograph of his illegally parked car and that this made him angry with me. It is a shame that Mr KS cannot get a little upset about the moronic drivers that flout the law and deliberately put pedestrians' safety at risk in order to save a couple of quid in parking charges rather then getting his panties in a twist because his car was being photographed. He told the police that he wanted to check what is on my phone, (I am compelled to mention at this point that I am not 8 years old and Mr KS is not my father) he followed me. So he has admitted to following me into my place of work, which is secluded, as he is angry at me and he wants to see what I have on my phone! Well I am a reasonable woman but the very existence of a man who thinks it is appropriate to target lone females and follow them to a secluded place because said man has got a bit of a temper on really makes me wonder if Ted Bundy and Ed Gein had a secret love child. At this point our two tales become somewhat wildly divergent with our obviously well adjusted, gentleman staunchly proclaiming his innocence and apparently mystified by how I may have the sustained the injuries reported to the police. So that is pretty much it ..... oooooh I forgot ............................. a fabulously weird footnote to this whole affair. It would appear that Mr KS has genuine bona fide superpowers, for real! When I gave my statement and provided the number plate of the getaway vehicle, a PNC check was done but it transpired that our very own talented, knuckle dragging, budget version of Mystic Meg had already contacted the police ...... amazingly before the bruised and very shaken assault victim. Yes Mr KindaSpecial had rang to let them know that he definitely, most certainly, totally had not assaulted me .... before I had even spoken to the police! Weird or what one shoulder asymmetrical wear for wedding :-) Have a splendid evening everyone xxx

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