petite items to wear of the formal occasions

We snacked on a ton of almonds when painting... come to find out, you can poison yourself by eating too many almonds! It "rarely happens" because most people don't eat more than a handful at a time. So the girls and I were down with mild cyanide poisoning the past two days. I've still got a bit to go, but all the little ones are okay because they weren't eating the almonds while feeling bad! Me, oh no, I was still eating them - then one of the girls dumped the bag out and petite items to wear of the formal occasions ... Sheba ate like a pound of them (she never eats nuts) and Sheba got so sick, that's what got me researching. God used Sheba to point me to the almonds being the problem - I never would have thought it & would probably still be eating them while my body is trying to remove them. I thank God Sheba is okay now, and the girls, and I'll be back to 100% soon. Totally missed my church family today :(

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