plus size mermaid wedding dresses

As I have lost weight I have noticed an increase in female interaction. More smiles when communicating and longer conversation even questions about my self. I'm not particularly instrested in finding any one to spend my time with only the mistress has that honnor. But it doesnt mean I dont appreciate another human being that has won the genetic Lottery and has a decent personality.
Today a girl came in looking pretty in her dress. I'm a sucker for sun dresses and i complimented it simply saying "I like your dress"
She responded with "yeah? I like your face" and i short-circuited a flow of human emotions that I forgot that I had rushed in me all i could do was just laugh and turn red. She laughed to and i tried to get words out but i couldn't was just shocked to be complemented in public again. Its been a long time since any girl has shown any interest. All i could say was "hahaha thank you have a goodnight" i regret not saying that i liked her face too and saying how beautiful it is and telling her she made my night. Maybe even my week. Thank you pretty lady in the dress i hope to see you again plus size mermaid wedding dresses