plus size wedding dresses with color

I want to thank everyone who was apart of making my dream come true!!! My new mom and dad Ronda and Rick Overley, Cindy, Marlowe, for helping with decorating and taking time to do what I wasn't able to do. Nichole Broady Overley for my bridal flowers also your friend at the flower shop. Pastor Tyson Della Fite and his wife and my bridesmaid. All of our family members who was there to show there support for us that really meant a lot to us. Ricky's best man and brother Joe Overley . My 2 sons for giving me to the man I love and there dad and my good friend Aaron Smith . Only now I think he is better friends with my husband which I cherish there friendship the most. Thank you to Tiffany Cordum because without you I wouldn't of had that beautiful dress. Joe and Cole thank you for this awesome honeymoon love you so much. Dorene Ledford for taking care of our son while we are in Vegas. Krista Haxby Johnson and Greg Johnson for the engagement party and your friendship. Everyone that likes or loved our our pics and are happy to see us happy. I know I'm probably forgetting a few but I just woke up. I'll remember later and post who I forgot sry but it's hot I'm going back to bed with My hubby for a bit. Thank you and love you all!!! plus size wedding dresses with color