red colored items to wear in the wedding

So, lets get after the City of Iola for a change; last 7/19 article in Iola Register reported how the whiz-kid, Cid our City Whatever, worked out a whole bunch of budget figures to justify increasing our utility bills again(Can't cut expenses because they've never seen a dollar they didn't want)-anyway our human calculator figures out how to burn everybody equally bad-only one problem-all the figuring he did was based on erroneous assumptions on his part and was pointed out by our ever vigilant City Clerk, Roxy-and, even with his error pointed out publicily-he confirmed that we might still have to raise rates. I definitely intend to take my $2 computer when he justifies a rate increase on made up figures. red colored items to wear in the wedding

And then, our police department mis-file charges on robbery of drugs from a felon, on probation, with a gun and drugs-by his own admission, and our police arrest everyone within a five block area and don't arrest the confessed drug dealer-you wanna run that bye me again???? You can't make this up--

And, before the County even was approached by our head pressure guy-Bill Maness, the City backed out of the deal making the County the fall guy yet the City will benefit 2 or 3 times return more than the County. Crazy, and a little advice to Cid if the city decides to keep him-which they shouldn't but by me saying that-they will definitely keep him to spite the smart people in town-anyway Cid: you are about to get 2 new and big users of the electric and water functions-so why not wait and see how these effect our consumption before you raise rates to cover the ineptness of our City management?!