short formal dresses for juniors

Question: Who can go?
Answer: Anyone. They will ask you who your pastor is, but there is no screening process of a certain organization sponsoring it. It is a gathering of people of like precious faith, but your family and friends who want to come along and know what we're all about are certainly welcome!

Question: How much does it cost?
Answer: The prices are listed in the picture I uploaded.
Double occupancy means the price is based on two people in the room, some rooms you can add additional people (Maximum is 4 per room) for additional money but far less than the first two pay. You CAN have one person in a room, but you pay the full cabin price.

Question: What Types of rooms are there?
Answer: Interior (no windows), Ocean view (big circle window), Balcony (sliding glass door with porch area with chairs and a table), Junior Suite-Like a balcony room but larger and has a tub.

Question: What do we wear?
Answer: Most of the cruise is very casual, wear whatever you normally wear. There is usually a formal night where people dress up and take professional pictures on backdrops set up around the ship. For swimming or lounging most girls wear a "swim dress" (so many adorable ones available, I will post some links) made of swimsuit material with swim short underneath or just loose fitting modest clothes you don't mind getting wet in. The guys just wear t-shirts and jeans or other water-friendly pants (Maybe they can post their answers, I don't really know lol). short formal dresses for juniors

Question: Is there childcare?
Answer: Yes there is a kids club for all ages beginning at age 3 I believe, and it's free!!

Question: Do they have gluten-free food?
Answer: Yes! An entire section of the buffet is gluten-free and sugar-free.

Question: Are there other non-apostolic on the cruise?
Answer: Yes! Last year there were over 800 Apostolics but the ship holds 3,000 passengers. While we don't have the whole ship, we are a strong presence! You see Apostolics everywhere! We rent out the theaters for our own private shows and services, and we have private excursions! So good clean family fun! We need 1500 to take over the entire ship! This is the goal! When that happens, it's a private charter, we decide the menu, the music, unlimited use of the venues, no drinking, no gambling, girls pool, boys pool etc.. Can't wait for that to happen!

Question: Why can't I book the same cruise somewhere else for less?
Answer: You can just don't do it the week of our cruise. The Redd's spend thousands of dollars bringing in staff, renting venues and giving to missions to make this event possible. Many don't consider the investment it takes to host and organize something like this. If you book somewhere else, don't come and expect to participate in the organized Apostolics at Sea events.

Question: What is there to do?
Answer: As much or as little as you want to do! There are Apostolics at sea volleyball, basketball and pin pong tournaments, comedy shows, talent shows, classes for men and women, music clinic, church services, privately organized excursions and organized youth handouts, And eating. Lots of eating!

Question: Who is on staff this year?
Answer: Organizers Eric and April Redd, Pastor Darrell Thrasher, Pastor Rick & Ellen Mayo, Bunch and Breeze, Jason Davidson, Cortt Chavis, Martyn Ballestero, Rob and Shara McKee, The Pentecostals of Katy Choir.

What other questions do you have?
To book call 931-388-3347
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