short with black colored items to wear

So what in the heck is DYSBIOSIS????? And WHY should you care??? It's when you have more bad gut bacteria than good in your gut flora or gut microbe. And you SHOULD care because approximately 60% of Americans have this!! SIXTY percent!!!!
*Some common symptoms of dysbiosis are:
*Bad breath
Now, if these symptoms don't apply to YOU, consider yourself LUCKY!!! But I bet that you do know someone that this would apply to??? Especially the MOODY part, right?? ;)
So WHAT causes this imbalance?
*Antibiotics and other medications, even OTC medications that we take without blinking an eye
*Poor diet
*Chronic stress
*Environmental factors such as contaminated food and water, exposure to manufactured chemicals or toxic metals, chronic exposure to fungus/ mold and even living in a damp or foggy climate
"But, Leslie, I don't really have STOMACH PROBLEMS per se' so I guess this doesn't apply to me???"
Well, that's where you are wrong. Yes, stomach "issues" such as chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation, heartburn, bloating, belching, abdominal pain, frequent indigestion, bad breath, foul-smelling stools, etc. are definitely sure signs of this but there are other things to look for:
*Weight loss due to malabsorption, or weight gain
*Food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances
*Sugar cravings, including alcohol
*Rectal or vagina itching
*Weak of cracked fingernails
*Iron deficiency
*Loss of libido and infertility
*Chronic sinus congestion
*Bladder problems
*Hyperactivity like behavioral and learning disorders
*Mental fog
And that's not even close to all of it. There are far more serious health complications that can arise from dysbiosis. Someone YOU know could be suffering and you should tell them to contact ME!!!
Our new improved Slim (aka Pink Drink) has a prebiotic called XOS in it. The short version is that this prebiotic helps to improve our GOOD gut bacteria!! It also helps our probio5 (amazing all in itself) function even BETTER!!! These two products along with our biocleanse are called the TRIPLEX and let me tell you, the TRIPLEX is CHANGING LIVES for the BETTER!!!! short with black colored items to wear
I have learned so much about gut health since I started Plexus 15 mths ago! Especially since the New Slim and VitalBiome was released in the last 3 months. How a truly healthy gut should feel and what discomforts and ailments are produced by an unhealthy gut!! Stop living with discomfort and come see how amazing you can start to feel in a short time!!