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Today on Guiding Chickens.....

Dad has done a dangerous thing. The Sussex County Farm and Horse Show opens today. Dad has left me money and a note saying to surprise him.

Last year, the chicken people told me I need to show up before opening to get my pick of the chickens before they sell out. This is what Dad means by surprising him. He knows I have no self control in these things. I have no idea how many or what kind of chickens I will get, that will depend on what the chicken people have and how much they want for them. Since our chick order was kinda messed up, I'm hoping to get at least a couple of Aracauna hens. We were supposed to get 10 hens and a rooster, but they sent 11 Pearl White Leghorns instead. The rest of the chicks are, in theory, a mix of Aracaunas and Whiting True Blues. I wish they were old enough for me to tell what's what. I don't even know if we have any roosters, never mind the right kind. And since both breeds come in a variety of colors and patterns, I don't even know how many of each I have. It will be a few more months before they're grown and laying eggs or crowing. My breeding idea may need to wait another year or so. simple chic bridesmaid wears look shabby

Anyway, if I'm lucky they'll have some breeds I don't have yet. I love having the mix of breeds rather than all one breed. It makes them more fun to watch. And don't worry, I've already figured out how to breed my Aracaunas without mixing the bloodlines. The second stage brooder will make an excellent breeding house. Just pop the rooster in with a few hens, let them do their thing, and boom! Pure bred chicks! I can use an incubator if none of the hens want to sit on their eggs. I may do that anyway, so the hens can be returned to the outdoor pen as soon as I have enough fertilized eggs.

I'm worried about Big Boy's feet again. Due to the severe storms we had the other day, I left his feet uncovered for a day. It would have been bad to leave him in wet, muddy bandages. When I went to do his feet last night, there was a foul smell. All along, no matter how nasty his feet got, there was no smell to them. This is a very bad sign.

Enough is enough. I'm tired of them getting better only to have them get worse again. We're taking this shit to the highest level I can provide at home, and I'm going to stay at that level until he either heals completely or dies. That's going to mean a LOT of extra work and running around, as well as a lot of money in bandages and medicine, but I can't let this go on any longer. I want my boy well and pain free, just as he deserves.

I was told yesterday that my little soap opera of a farm needs a love interest. Well, I hate to disappoint, but with chickens, there really isn't any love. Just lots and lots of chicken sex. And all too often, very rough sex, teetering into chicken rape. Sorry, folks. You'll just have to settle for the crazy chicken lady loving her flock. And way too much chicken sex.

Well, time to get my chores done so I can go to the fair. I really want to spend the day there, but the fair is way more fun with a friend. I might walk around a bit, Body allowing, but I probably won't spend the day there. Shame, really. It's the best day to do so. Eh. Maybe I'll change my mind once I'm there. Either way, there will be chickens, and that alone is worth it.