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It feels good to have reached the majority of the goals that were set for 2017.

I typically take the entire month of December and use it for business planning and vacations. Going to continue that trend this year. ;-)

With that, I just wanted to recap what my journey in # MakingComics was like this year for anyone interested.

Creating the operational structure that we have now with all of the different lines of comics was essential for me in 2017. Implementing this really helped me to be able to focus on growing the business end (and relationships) of Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. while the new EICs managed the production of the projects that were in the pipeline. This led to us spearheading our # WeAlwaysDeliver marketing campaign as we were able to produce, crowdfund and release titles on a more frequent basis than we had in the past as we launched, funded and delivered on four campaigns this year with a fifth campaign (LIVE right now at ) currently at 125% FUNDED in just a week after the launch. GUARANTEEING to begin shipping rewards the week that the campaign ended was a bold risk that we took, but in the end, it panned out well for us. (Fun Fact: We've shipped out over 3000 packages this year.)

As a result of the consistency in releases, more people took notice to our production efforts which resulted in an increase in production services being requested from others. We've produced more comics and action figures for creators this year than any other year we've been in operation coincidentally. But I felt awkward earlier in the year allowing the company to take a back seat on production to focus on publishing, especially since we were a production company before being a publisher. BUT, over all the visibility from our produced content gave a HUGE push to the production end of the all in all, it worked itself out. simple wedding dresses with sleeves

I really wanted to get into doing conventions this that was something that we had not placed much stock in. Wizard World Chicago was a GREAT start for us as that gave way to a lot of really good dialog around our future convention strategy, which conventions made sense for us to attend as well as ways we could support our creators during their own convention appearances away from us and in their own markets. Kathryn , Dimitris and Ramel benefitted greatly from that support which also helped us as a brand.

The biggest coup has been the expansion of our roster and ultimately our catalog of titles. Having such diverse titles on our roster and such AWESOME creators is what truly made 2017 one of our most banner years (and 2018 is shaping up to be bananas). We were able to leverage our catalog into some amazing partnerships that are looking to bear even more fruit in 2018 than it did in 2017. And our online store has been running full throttle since August, again, keeping us on the fav list with our postal carrier (sarcastic).

There were a few missteps of course coupled with missed opportunities and lessons learned. A big one being our efforts with distribution which has moved to the top of my agenda for 2018. I've said it a few times this year, I'm not one of those guys that feel like Diamond is the only option to sell books, as in the end, if the shops don't order your books because there isn't a demand for your books, it won't matter if your books are carried by Diamond or not. But this is a hurdle that I fully plan for our team to leap over in 2018.

So yeah...that's pretty much been it. Been a truly fun year. Tons of cool conversations. Made and sold a bunch of comics. Did a few conventions. Grew the team and stayed focused. Now, it's time to relax until the new year.

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