small sized girl wearing for party

do you dream in color?

or are your dreams in black and white?

in 1966 and 67, while Dad was in Vietnam with the CIA, when two-party phone lines and operator assisted calls had just become things of the past, and i had never seen color teevee, Ripley's Believe-It-or-Not ran in the Sunday funnies, and there I read the factoid that only three percent of people dream in color.


I didn't, but it sounded cool. Amazingly, that very night I began to dream in color.

A decade later, I began being brave enough, (and had gained sufficient language skills) to begin to inquire about how people lived in their heads, and found most people dreamed in color, or else 'had never thought about it', and a minority dreamed in black and white

It may have been then, or a decade later, that I encountered another filler in the paper describing how, in studies from 1915 to 1965, the vast majority of those surveyed dreamed in black and white, but the percentage had been declining slowly, and in the sixties, the rate of change accelerated, and by that point, the majority were dreaming in color, a dif they accounted for primarily as due to color photography small sized girl wearing for party

Fortunately, I saw the same figures in my first effort to corroborate my memory.

I do wonder rather most people' goes under the 'all lives matter' def of people, or if groups as diverse as Amazons, Japanese or Zulus were asked as well. I also wonder if there is any older data than 1915

In the spirit of MacLuhans media as message, I wonder if, before cinema, or photography, or lithographics and print, if people tending to dream in color, and the black and white phase was a regression, or...

If this fits with the data than homer knew four colors, and described the sea as being the color of wine, and the Japanese did not have a seperate words for blue and green until the Meiji era

the Japanese did seem to know what the colors were, as paintings do not show the grass as blue or the sky as green, altho the sea may be either, but the words were still lacking.

and what color is the sky?

surprisingly, the sky is seldom described or depicted in blue in the oldest records. I cannot find the article where I read it, but a scientist once carefully made sure his daughter had not heard the sky referred to as 'blue' until she was three.

On a clear day when she was three and wore a 'sky-blue' dress, her father asked her the what colors her dress, leaves, cars, trees, shoes, red ribbons the sky were.

She answered all 'correctly' until asked about the sky

Looking puzzled and frowning, she said 'white?'

That's all I have on the subject, but I enjoy my wonder

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