tea length wedding dresses for older brides

Ok so, (sorry look so rough pic was taking at 6am lol) I must say I too was a skeptical of this program however, the more I saw post from , the more curious I was to try it. In 2014 I was at my skinniest due to being heavily on drugs,i decided to turn my whole life around and gained a ton of weight in the process. I wanted to loose the weight back except I wanted it to be a healthy way. Working and going to school full time and being a mother of 2 girls makes life extremely busy. Having NO time to go to the gym. I will say I have only been doing this for 2 weeks but I can tell a huge difference. I crave water, and I get hungry every 4hrs or so throughout the day and when I go to eat, I can only eat small portions! Thats never happened. Its like how it is making me eat right throughout the day! I come home from work and usually my feet are so swollen except now there no swelling at all!I have went down 2 pants size and lost 10lbs!! I am very thankful for this program and look forward to seeing my results a month from now! Would love for anyone who interested to join us .... message for details!! tea length wedding dresses for older brides