vintage style items to wear of the wedding

She is a toy and joy enthusiast
Entertained by whips, chains, oils, dildos, and even beads for her gluteus
Experimenting in all shades
From that nasty gray to the rainbow gay
She loves the feel and power of her man's Mandingo strength ...
But also craves something a little more delicate
A juicy thickness with a tongue ring to caress her nipples and thighs
Then glide in between those defined thighs spread wide
Pampering her abyss with an oral fixation
Intimate, with just the right amount of penetration
Tongue twirling around her pearl, with the sweetest finesse
Falls pouring from her, down in between her cheeks, to the bed, making an ultimate mess
Moaning, erotically, as to say, "if masculinity were the best, this would be truly next"
Gripping her head, while around her ears, her legs pressed
Using one of her hands to rub through her partner's hair, while her other massaged her own breast
Biting her tongue to suppress her out cry
Beads crammed between her buns, being pulled slowly, one by one, as she's pleasured from both sides
Orally satisfied, tears begin filling her eyes
This thick beauty she keeps on the side has more than proven herself worth the lies
Climbing from between her abyss, she kisses her on the lips
Then slides her dress over her head until it falls, perfectly, clinging to her hips
Then she walks with a sway out the back door, just as she does, routinely
Just as her man's keys jingle at the front, she turns to the side and plays sleep
Thighs still trembling as they stick together with cream
Never the wiser, he admires her innocence, so sweet, leans over and kisses his sneaky little freak on the cheek vintage style items to wear of the wedding
Bummie Stephens Jr.

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