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How To Prevent Tearing During Birth

Vaginal tearing and episiotomies are one of the most frequent birth injuries. And while they were once considered a right of passage, it is now understood that there are things women can do to prevent them... vintage tea length bridesmaid dresses


1. Practice Kegels!
The practice of tightening and relaxing the muscles of the vagina helps strengthen the pelvic floor

2. Push Correctly!
Pushing with all of your might is the last thing you want to do if you're trying to prevent tearing. A slow, smooth delivery allows for gradual stretching.

3. Support the Perinuem!
Having a midwife/OB/partner provide support to the perineum during labor is a common way to prevent tears.

4. Massage!
Perineal massage has been shown to reduce tearing during birth. It can be done at home with a natural oil such as coconut oil.

5. Warm, Wet Towels!
If a birthing pool doesn't appeal to you, you can achieve the same effect by using warm, wet towels on your perineum!

6. The Right Position!
Delivering on your back increases risk of tearing. Instead, try letting gravity help you out by squatting or going on all fours.

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