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Stacy's Tuesday post:

Last night went good. He didn't need oxygen at all. He only had one massive vomit and then he slept pretty well from 1am to 5am.

He has been pretty miserable though. I know his chest hurts from the pneumonia. He keeps coughing and crying. Poor baby. His temp is dropping so trying to warm him up.


We are here till tomorrow at least. They are giving him antibiotics through an IV and going to use the cough assist machine on him to try to clear up some of the mucus in his chest.

I honestly have no idea how I lived in a hospital room for 5 full months. And people do it for even longer than that.

The constant noise, lights, beeps, nurses in and out at all hours.
The minute Tripp falls asleep, they have to check him for something and wake him up. He keeps crying and I have been waiting on Ibuprofen now for over an hour. Rant over.

But better here than him not getting what he needs at home. I'm so thankful for the wonderful children's hospitals in our area. And the wonderful Dr's and nurses. I just needed to vent for a second. It's hard seeing your baby hurt. wedding bridal selections in champagne

Thank you for all your prayers and support. Love you all.

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