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I ate some shellfish when I was a kid & damn near went into anaphylactic shock. My airways swelled & I felt them closing up. Huge, itchy hives slowly made their way all over my body. It didn't take too long for me to look like an overweight goldfish with swollen protruding eyes, tongue & lips. My eyes grew too watery & I couldn't see. I wanted to pass out already. There was this sense of dread that something really bad was going to happen. I had to be rushed to the doc to be ... nebulized & given an allergy shot in the butt (well hey, it was the 90s & the first time we knew I had shellfish allergy. Not sure if EpiPens even existed yet). Strangely, I slowly outgrew the allergy to shellfish as an adult, except for one more minor swelling incident with a crab I was eating.

I can eat most seafoods like fish, shrimps, cuttlefish, squids... but I still feel a little jittery to deal with lobsters, crabs, oysters & anything with shells. I figure if I try it & there's even a tiny itch & swell on the tongue, I'd avoid it forever but so far it hasn't happened again, yet.

People who have both asthma and a food allergy are at greater risk for anaphylaxis. This is why I can really symphatize with people with nut allergies. We could really die from it, it's not a joke. It is not about want, don't want or optional. It's about the nut particles being airborne in an enclosed space. The peanut dust does nothing to u or me but a mere inhalation of it can be fatal for the nut allergy sufferers. So again, what's wrong with not eating them for a few hours? Will people die if the airlines don't serve it? What if they really, really don't have their EpiPens with them - would u rather witness them lose their lives? wedding collections With Lace Appliques at discounted price

Will it take a family member or urself to suffer before u finally emphatize & understand?

I love nuts too, by the way.

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